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Caddie Fee, tips and golf buggy hire

The experienced caddies a tour acclaimed golf club in Kandy, ensure that you have a hassle-free and exciting playtime. They will not only help you take your golf gear throughout the course but also give you insightful advice and moral support to win the game. Remember that the use of one caddie per player is compulsory and the fee per caddie is as below.

18 Holes: USD 9
09 Holes: USD 6

The caddie tip solely depends on the player’s discretion, but we regard a tip from USD5 as a ‘good’ tip.

Buggy hires 18 holes: USD29
Buggy hires 9 holes: USD21
18 hole hire club (graphite and steel): USD 21
9 hole hire club (graphite and steel): USD 12

Ball spotter and tips

Our efficient team of ball spotters are thoroughly aware of the topography of the course and they support you speed up the game by helping to find the golf ball in off chances of you losing it. The use of one ball spotter per game is compulsory, and the fee per one spotter is From USD5

While it is totally up to you to decide the ball spotter tip, we regard a tip from USD3 as a ‘good’ tip.

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