Waterfalls in Kandy Sri Lanka

Waterfalls are Sri Lanka’s most prized possessions! They accentuate the country’s immaculate natural beauty and fills the hearts of its visitors with blissful memories that they will cherish for a lifetime. Almost all waterfalls around the country are surrounded by lush greenery,offering you the perfect setting to slip into a sense of absolute relaxation.

The cold and refreshing mist caressing your skin, the warm and fuzzy feeling you get by being in nature’s cradle, the spellbinding vistas… these are some of the charming experiences you get by visiting just one of Sri Lanka’s waterfalls. We at Victoria Golf & County Resort will let you see not one but four of the country’s most beautiful cascades! The Waterfall Expedition, as we call it, include perilous excursions to waterfalls namely. Huluganga waterfall, Kosgama Ella, Saree Ella, and Jodu Ella.These are located approximately a 35-kilometer drive away from the resort and are ranked among the top places to visit near Kandy Sri Lanka.

Some of the waterfalls on our itinerary are easily accessible while some of them require a bit of effort to reach; this is the part which makes the expedition so exciting. All these cascades are striking in its own way and are spectacles to watch. During the expedition, you will come in contact with water bodies and mist from the waterfalls so make sure that you wear appropriate clothing and grippy footwear that will keep you on guard from slippery surfaces. The expedition packages also include the guidance of a naturalist, transport and refreshments.

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