Victoria Golf Resort Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan golfing heritage is vibrant, and it goes back as far as the 17th century! Historical evidence state that golf was brought into the country during the colonial era and though it is believed that the Dutch were the first to play this game in the country, British were the ones who first made a turf for it. During the 1860s a small fairway has been constructed in the Galle face green which is also the place where several other British games were first played on Sri Lankan soil and it is where is it all started.

After a century later, the Donald Steel masterpiece – Victoria Golf Resort was constructed to emphasize the prestigious golf history of the nation, spanning over an expansive 500 acres scenic of land. The course has become much popular today as it is located amidst scenic vistas. Also, being ranked among the ‘100 Most Beautiful Golf Courses in the World’, golf enthusiasts are certainly in for a treat as they tee away at this renowned Victoria Golf Resort Sri Lanka.

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