Surrounded by immaculate views of misty mountains and lush greens, lies beautiful Loolkandura. It was the birthplace of a great legacy, the place where trails of Ceylon tea originated. From the first little plants that took root in the Loolecondera Estate, sprouted a giant industry that sustained and continues to sustain the economy of Sri Lanka.

The plantation started during the British colonial era in 1867 by James Taylor and Thomas Lipton. Back then the plantation area was confined to an area of just 19 acres in the District of Hewaheta Lower. Today the original site is known as No.7 field of the Loolecondera Estate. A fully-fledged tea factory was also built by James Taylor on site and the machinery that was used can still be seen at the Tea Museum in Hantana, Kandy.

Loolkandura is located approximately 1 hour and 45 minutes away from Victoria Golf Resort. Being one of the best places to visit around Kandy, visitors will certainly be amazed to see the tea plantations and fascinating views of the mountains.

Kindly note that this excursion requires a minimum of two guests.

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