Bambaragala & Pettigala

Located just a few kilometers away from Victoria Golf Resort, the picturesque climes of Babaragala and the serene vistas of Pettigala are among the most popular places near Kandy. These destinations have much to offer visitors in terms of historical significance and natural beauty. The excursion to Bambaragala and Pettigala is regarded as one of the best things to do around Digana as it paves the way to a region filled with wonders and amazement.

Our guests can witness a majestic cave temple known as the Babaragala Temple which happens to date back over 2000 years, along with Brahami letter rock inscriptions which pay homage to the great historical value claimed by the place of worship. One can also take in fine examples of intricate artwork and murals done according to the ‘’udarata’’ style, a distinct Kandyan style of creation done under the patronage of Sri Keerthi Rajasinghe.

Located just a mere two-kilometer hike away from Babaragala lies Pettigala; it is also a region filled with spectacular views and immaculate natural beauty. Both these attractions are quite popular among tourists who wish to take in the natural beauty of the verdant peaks, resplendent in lush greenery along with panoramic views of the surrounding areas. Our package includes tours of these sites and excursions to its surroundings.

If one intends to trek to the peak, dressing in comfortable clothing and donning appropriate footwear is well recommended. As the Babaragala Raja Maha Vihara is a venerated site of worship, dressing modestly and entering the sacred premises barefoot is considered a sign of respect.

The Pettigala and Babaragala region is home to rich biodiversity featuring a series of indigenous flora and fauna including large herds of deer, troops of wild monkeys and a variety of vibrantly coloured birds. The Pettigala Rock is located on the very top of the mountain where Bamaragala Temple is nestled. With an altitude variation of 200m and a height of 760m, the path to Pettigala winds through the secondary forest with many rock outlets opening up to vast panoramic views of the surrounding areas. The latter end of the hike can prove to be challenging; therefore, it is recommended for experienced clientele. The tour package also includes the guidance of a naturalist, refreshment and transport.

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